Monthly Archives: May 2023

Report about Public Health Preparedness and LGBTQ Communities

I have been involved in LGBTQ health research for many years now. First with HIV and now with issues related to pandemic and disaster preparedness.  An important aspect of early HIV activity was the involvement of community members in the absence of institutional assistance. Act-Up and similar groups provided important information and resources when other community and governmental entities failed or refused to. I believe that LGBTQ communities should consider similar measures when it comes to issues related to pandemics and other hazards that can harm LGBTQ communities. 

To learn more about the public health preparedness within LGBTQ communities I sought to talk to people at LGBTQ community/medical organizations about their plans and resources regarding preparedness concerning natural and human-caused hazards.  I also used this opportunity to talk to them about their activities and thoughts regarding the Anti-LGBTQ legislation and activity happening in the US.  I believe that these activities could negatively impact the operations of these organizations and the well-being of community members just as much as a snowstorm or tornado.  I wanted to learn what organizations are doing and their planning and preparation actions.  The results would help me move forward to better understand what preparedness needs LGBTQ organizations and communities need. 

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